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HIPAA Compliance & RightFax

Fines from a HIPAA violation or data breach can carry the power to incapacitate an entire organization with long-lasting consequences.

Regulatory Overview

What is the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is US federal legislation that was enacted in 1996. Title I of HIPAA protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. Title II of HIPAA, known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, are meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s healthcare system by encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the U.S. healthcare system.

Below, learn more about the main components of HIPAA and what it covers:

Protected Health Information

PHI is any information which concerns a patient’s health status, the provision of healthcare or the payment for healthcare or health services that can be linked to an individual.

The Security Rule

This rule requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and security of electronic PHI.

The Privacy Rule

This rule addresses the use and disclosure of individuals’ PHI by organizations subject to the Rule or “covered entities,” as well as standards for individuals’ privacy rights.

Remember, failure to comply with HIPAA can result in civil and criminal penalties ranging from $100 per violation to $1.5 million annually. However, your organization can reduce its risk of fines by leveraging a secure fax server solution like RightFax to properly handle PHI.

HIPAA Compliant Fax Solution

What is OpenText RightFax?

RightFax is the market-leading on-premise, hybrid or cloud enterprise fax server solution. RightFax integrates with almost all of the leading EMR software applications which allows for a faster workflow process, more seamless patient servicing, improved information security, decreased paper-related costs and security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines.

For many providers, RightFax has proved to be a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between providers not on the same system.

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EMR / EHR Integrations
Securely transmit faxes directly from virtually any EMR system.

Security & Compliance
Encrypt faxes at-rest and in-flight for increased  document security.

Email Integrations
Easily send and receive faxes within familiar email clients.

Full Audit Trail 
Track document access in real-time to ensure regulatory compliance.

Thousands of organizations depend on RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that centralize their fax infrastructure, speed up their business processes and increase security of their fax transmissions.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

with RightFax


Keep Protected Health Information (PHI) Secure

Safely store, send and receive PHI electronic and paper-based records, while maintaining a complete audit trail.


Integrate with EMRs, EHRs and MFPs

Integrate RightFax directly with your EMR/EHR, MFPs and back-office applications.


Avoid Data Breaches and the Resulting Fines

Reduce the risk of incurring severe fines by properly handling PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Lower the Risk of Healthcare Data Breaches

Ready to find out how RightFax can help your organization maintain its HIPAA compliance? Get started by talking to one of our healthcare faxing experts today.


RightFax Add-On Modules for Interoperability and Increased Security

RightFax provides healthcare organizations with a flexible, extensible, scalable architecture and options for growth to meet the needs of all organizations, great and small. RightFax offers multiple add-ons the provide cost-effective solutions to assist in healthcare compliance efforts:

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Create a searchable portable document file (PDF) after applying an OCR procedure on the captured fax.
Install an additional fax conversion engine to a RightFax server that automatically detects and converts PDF and PostScript files to fax format (TIFF).
The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables users of Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 to conveniently receive faxes into Microsoft® Outlook® and fax from Outlook.
Simplify your network environment and promote fax image high availability using SQL Image Storage Module for RightFax.
The RightFax Shared Services Module shares its database of users, groups, printers and various services across a network where faxing services are required at a centralized or remote location.
The RightFax XML Generator Module allows integration with XML-based systems and applications for both sent and received faxes.
The RightFax Integration Module ties back-end systems into RightFax to automatically deliver documents by fax, email, print, SMS, certified email, or certified and encrypted email.
With the SMTP Connector for MFPs you can scan documents on SMTP-capable Multifunction Printer (MFP) devices and deliver them with your OpenTextRightFax server.
The OpenText RightFax XML Connector for MFPs allows you to scan documents on XML-capable Multifunction Printer (MFP) devices and deliver them via your RightFax server.
This RightFax 16.6 Connector for Ricoh ESA MFPs User Guide is intended for end users of Ricoh ESA multifunction printers (MFP) who want to fax or email the documents that they scan using the RightFax functionality installed on the Ricoh ESA MFP device.
The RightFax 16.6 Connector for Xerox MFPs Administrator Guide demonstrates how you can link one or more of several supported Xerox Multifunction Products (MFPs) on your network to a RightFax server.
The RightFax 16.6 Native Connector for Konica Minolta MFPs User Guide shows how you can link one or more of several supported Konica Minolta Multifunction Products (MFPs) on your network to a RightFax server and set up users to scan documents on the Konica Minolta MFP and transmit them as fax or email messages through the RightFax server.
The RightFax 16.6 Connector for HP OXPd MFPs Administrator Guide shows how you can provide two-way communication between one or more supported HP OXPd Multi-function Printers (MFPs) and RightFax.
Secure and encrypt fax traffic within the firewall with support for TLS over SIP, where TLS provides endpoint authentication by using mutual or two-way authentication on a hop-by-hop basis.
IQ Fax Archive for RightFax is a powerful addition to your faxing solution that enables you to organize, store, and route faxes in an efficient manner.
The RightFax Shared Services Module shares its database of users, groups, printers and various services across a network where faxing services are required at a centralized or remote location.
An integrated archiving tool that allows administrators to maintain their fax content within the RightFax system without degrading the performance of RightFax or the use of third party or separate archiving tools.
RightFax offers numerous routing methods to suit the unique needs of individual organizations. For some organizations, fax routing based on telephony resources is a suitable option.
OpenText RightFax is architected to be fault tolerant and redundant within its own multi-layer architecture to help mitigate system failures.
With the heightened concern for protecting information privacy, preventing fraud, and meeting tightened regulatory compliance guidelines, having secure and confirmed delivery options for sensitive information is vital to conducting business.

We Create Fully Connected Fax Workflows So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our RightFax experts can help you integrate RightFax with most of the leading EMR software applications, which allows for a faster workflow process and more seamless patient servicing.

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