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Epic EMR / EHR & RightFax

Integrating Epic with RightFax increases productivity, reduce labor, and minimize paper waste while keeping in accordance with HIPAA compliance initiatives.
January 18, 2019
By: Advantage Technologies


The healthcare industry is driven by many specialized documents including claims information, lab reports, and admittance records. Timely, secure, and efficient delivery of these documents is essential for patient-focused and cost-conscious healthcare organizations. Meeting government regulations and initiatives (such as HIPAA and ARRA Meaningful Use) dictate how these communications are handled is also an important consideration.

EpicCare EMR / EHR Integration with RightFax increases productivity, reduce labor, and minimize paper waste. Together, EpicCare and RightFax can help consolidate business processes while keeping in accordance with HIPAA compliance initiatives.

RightFax can help address the challenge of delivering medical records and other documents by providing the tools to electronically send and receive documents from the desktop. It works by automating document delivery from a variety of clinical and back-office applications, and organizing them for quick retrieval and archiving purposes. This provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application, using a centralized fax and document management solution.

Outbound Faxing with Epic

For the end-user, sending a fax is as easy as printing a file. The Epic Print Server (EPS) Server processes the outbound fax job and delivers it to the RightFax server to be sent. When the fax has been sent, a “complete” status is returned from the RightFax server to the EPS server for the fax job. If a fax fails after EPS delivers it to the fax server, EPS will return a failed status and deliver the fax to the “Failed Fax” inbasket group. This group will receive a message and know to investigate. The fax status is returned and logged to the patient record supporting Meaningful Use.

Sending a Fax 

When a user attempts to send a fax within Epic, the fax is first processed by the Epic Print Server (EPS). Once the fax has been processed, it is transmitted to the fax server where it waits to be sent. With the RightFax Integration Module, users will receive a final status regarding the success or failure of each fax. 

By sending faxes directly from the Epic client the sender keeps the exchange of confidential patient information secure and eliminates the need to print out the original document. Using RightFax for outbound faxing, user can promptly and securely fax physicians notes, referrals, lab results, scheduling, health records, and more.

Status messages are color coded to indicate whether a transmission is successful or not:


  • Faxes with a green status indicator were transmitted successfully
  • Faxes with a yellow status indicator have not yet been transmitted, or a transmission error occurred so the fax will be retransmitted.
  • Faxes with a red status indicator encountered transmission errors, and the server computer abandoned retransmission attempts.
  • If a fax has either a yellow or a red status indicator, you can force the RightFax server to resend the fax.

Inbound Faxing with Epic

The RightFax server provides several methods for routing received faxes to their intended recipients in your healthcare organization. Inbound faxes are most commonly routed based on the fax number that received the fax, although there are many other methods available including: DTMF, ANI, OCRed text, bar codes, and more.

Receiving a Fax 

With RightFax, Epic users receiving faxes have a multitude of options to automatically route inbound faxes. Bar Code Routing allows fax barcodes to be read and routed to a folder on a user’s network, Smart Fax Distribution routes to members of a group by according to a member’s ability to process incoming faxes, and Direct Inward Dialing. Additional options are available. 

To route faxes to users based on the inbound fax number, a RightFax administrator must assign a unique routing code to each user. RightFax will attempt to match the appropriate digits from the dialed number to the routing code for the intended fax recipient.


After RightFax has determined who should receive an incoming fax, it will deliver the fax based on the intended recipients preconfigured method, and in the proper format (for example, PDF or TIFF)

Lowering the Risk of Healthcare Data Breaches

Most healthcare organizations comprehend the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strive to never purposely place patient information at risk. However, with many healthcare providers facing time constraints tied directly to required billable hour and healthcare services, there is little time for them to be IT or legal expert. The resulting fines from a HIPAA violation or data breach can carry the power to incapacitate an entire organizations with long-lasting consequences.

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, healthcare organizations know the importance of preparing for data breaches related to PHI. This means not just preparing for HIPAA compliance but developing strategies to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.

The risk also doesn’t stop at the practice. If you are an IT service provider with at least one healthcare customer with PHI or managing patient data as a Business Associate that makes you just as culpable for non-compliance penalties.

OpenText RightFax is the marketing-leading enterprise fax server solution with a long-standing history of being the preferred choice for thousands of healthcare organizations with a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS).


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