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OpenText Fax Gateway

By: Advantage Technologies

Leverage your network resources and reduce costs with a complete IP and software-based fax solution

A Complete FoIP Solution

Open Text Fax Gateways simplify Fax over IP (FoIP) implementations and provide a cost effective alternative to traditional fax boards and remote fax servers. Deploying an Open Text Fax Gateway together with Open Text Fax Server represents a complete solution offering that maximizes your IP infrastructure, facilitates network consolidation, and simplifies branch office fax management.

Open Text Fax Gateways:

  • Simplify the distribution of network fax communications with purpose built Fax Gateways, optimized to work with 38 and Open Text Fax Server
  • Bridge the gap between circuit (i.e., telephone) and IP communications
  • Support real-time Fax Server connections using T.38 and standards-based SIP
  • Deploy real-time software-based FoIP without requiring a VoIP ready network
    • Support a broad range of communications systems, including TDM (T1/E1), PBX, Key Systems and dedicated PSTN trunk circuits
  • Provide a standards-based architecture enabling FoIP interoperability in almost any environment


Figure 1. Above, a comparative graphic showing a traditional PBX-based fax server environment (left) vs. a simplified T.38 Fax over IP environment (right). The Open Text Fax Gateways simplify Fax Server integration into an enterprise environment by eliminating the requirement to connect with traditional telephony infrastructure. Combined with the software-only Fax Server, this allows for network consolidation and server virtualization.

Centralized Administration

  • Administrators can easily centralize IP monitoring and management of FoIP ports through the Fax Gateway’s robust and intuitive diagnostics
  • Once deployed, Fax Gateway updates and configurations are maintained through a simple user interface, robust diagnostics, and reporting
  • Each gateway ships with FoIP specific configuration files to simplify setup and deployment
  • Configuring and managing all Fax Gateway products is possible via a Web interface (shown below)


Simplified Branch Management

The combination of Open Text Fax Server and one or more Open Text Fax Gateways can dramatically simplify branch office fax management. Traditionally, intra-office fax communication and least cost routing between remote branch offices required a fax server or fax board hardware (i.e., Remote Doc Transport) at each site. With T.38 FoIP and Open Text Fax Gateways, organizations can leverage and maximize their IP network, and easily deploy fax capabilities to remote offices without onsite IT resources.

Figure 2. In the Simplified Branch Management diagram, a single T.38 FoIP- enabled Fax Server provides centralized fax management for the entire company. The branch office contains no Fax Server software or fax board hardware. Instead, an Open Text Fax Gateway is used to route faxes between offices via IP and for least cost routing over the PSTN to avoid long distance toll charges.

Open Text Fax Gateway Solution Features

Fax Gateway Product Line

Open Text Fax Gateways are offered in a selection of port densities and configurations to meet the needs of all FoIP customers. All Open Text Fax Gateways support T.38 real-time faxing using the SIP protocol.

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