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Integrating NextGen with RightFax increases productivity, reduce labor, and minimize paper waste while keeping in accordance with HIPAA compliance initiatives.

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The healthcare industry is driven by many specialized documents including claims information, lab reports, and admittance records. Timely, secure, and efficient delivery of these documents is essential for patient-focused and cost-conscious healthcare organizations. Meeting government regulations and initiatives (such as HIPAA and ARRA Meaningful Use) dictate how these communications are handled is also an important consideration.

NextGen EMR / EHR Integration with RightFax increases productivity, reduce labor, and minimize paper waste. Together, NextGen and RightFax can help consolidate business processes while keeping in accordance with HIPAA compliance initiatives.

RightFax can help address the challenge of delivering medical records and other documents by providing the tools to electronically send and receive documents from the desktop. It works by automating document delivery from a variety of clinical and back-office applications, and organizing them for quick retrieval and archiving purposes. This provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application, using a centralized fax and document management solution.


  • Support HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance
  • Cuts document delivery costs
  • Improves efficiency
  • Provides secure (encrypted) delivery of information
  • Reduce paper handling and manual processes

Lowering the Risk of Healthcare Data Breaches

Most healthcare organizations comprehend the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strive to never purposely place patient information at risk. However, with many healthcare providers facing time constraints tied directly to required billable hour and healthcare services, there is little time for them to be IT or legal expert. The resulting fines from a HIPAA violation or data breach can carry the power to incapacitate an entire organizations with long-lasting consequences.

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, healthcare organizations know the importance of preparing for data breaches related to PHI. This means not just preparing for HIPAA compliance but developing strategies to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.

The risk also doesn’t stop at the practice. If you are an IT service provider with at least one healthcare customer with PHI or managing patient data as a Business Associate that makes you just as culpable for non-compliance penalties.

OpenText RightFax is the marketing-leading enterprise fax server solution with a long-standing history of being the preferred choice for thousands of healthcare organizations with a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS).

Top 3 Add-On Modules for NextGen EMR

Add-on modules to provide a flexible, extensible, scalable architecture with options for growth to meet the needs of all healthcare organizations using NextGen, great and small.

The RightFax Integration Module automates delivery of documents from EMR, ERP, host, legacy and other back-office applications.
The Connector provides centralized administrative capabilities that lets users conveniently create, send, receive and manage faxes directly within Outlook.
The RightFax Encryption Module provides additional security for fax images by encrypting all fax images stored in the RightFax Image Directory.

We Create Fully Connected Fax Workflows So You Can Focus On Your Business


Our RightFax experts can help you integrate RightFax with most of the leading EMR software applications, which allows for a faster workflow process and more seamless patient servicing.


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