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Cold Spare

The benefits of redundancy within a multi-layer architecture to help mitigate system failures.
By: Advantage Technologies

OpenText RightFax Topology

OpenText RightFax is architected to be fault tolerant and redundant within its own multi-layer architecture to help mitigate system failures. These layers include:

  • Database layer: users, groups and fax data reside in the database layer
  • Telco interface: services within the OpenText RightFax server that manage Fax boards, FoIP
  • Distribution layer: distribution of the fax server application
  • Processing services: document conversion services, altering services, print queues etc.

Cold Spare

A cold spare configuration is generally intended for use in the event of a long-term system shut down, a failure or any other system interruption that may take more time to repair. It typically includes the implementation of two OpenText RightFax on two hardware servers (or virtualized) as a primary and a secondary server. A Cold spare is typically stored in an isolated location and is activated only in the event of a failure with the primary system.


  • Pre-configured RightFax that can be manually activated when the primary server fails.
  • Provides enough capacity and functionality to provide document delivery and receipt when the primary system fails.
  • A cold spare is not used in production and is available to expedite recovery.


  • A cold spare is meant to back up the fax server program and in many cases not the data that is being processed. The database and other important information must be copied or linked to the passive system at some interval.
  • The secondary fax software program is not production-ready to process faxed documents until it is activated. As a result, it can take several minutes or hours to activate a cold spare.

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