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Common Financial Documents

Financial documents are often time sensitive and require confidentiality which is why many financial institutions depend on RightFax more than any other vendor to meet their document delivery needs
By: Advantage Technologies

Handle Your Financial Documents Securely with RightFax

There are many types of sensitive financial documents, often generated from sophisticated back-office systems, that are often used to complete critical business transactions. Manually processing these documents using mail or fax machines is labor, paper, and equipment-intensive. It is also costly and may cause unnecessary and unacceptable time delays.

Financial documents are generally time-sensitive and often confidential, which is why there are laws and regulations that dictate the way they are handled and restrict their usage and disclosure. Untimely or unsecured delivery can result in financial loss, legal action, or missed opportunities for the financial services institution or the recipient.

Many financial institutions depend on RightFax, more than any other vendor, to securely and reliably deliver millions of sensitive and legal documents every year.

Common Financial Documents

  • Account summaries
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bid specifications
  • Branch summary reports
  • Change orders
  • Confirmations
  • Credit applications
  • Derivatives
  • Expediting notices
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Fund transfers
  • General correspondence
  • Invoices
  • Loan approvals and denials
  • Mortgage documents
  • Purchase order acknowledgments and changes
  • Purchase orders
  • Rate sheets
  • Regulatory disclosures and information
  • Requests for quotes
  • Return items-overdrawn accounts, bad checks
  • Securities reports
  • Titles
  • Transfer of funds
  • Wire transfers

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