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Dialogic TR1034

TR1034 Fax Boards offer a number of configurations and PCI formats that will support SMBs and Enterprise fax applications
By: Advantage Technologies

TR1034 Fax Board – Fax Communications

For more than 20-Years both Dialogic and Brooktrout have been delivering the most reliable and feature rich fax communication platforms. The product is the technology layer that allows OpenText RightFax and Esker DeliveryWare to communicate with the largest range of telecom services, Standard TDM PBX systems and IP-based PBXs like Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Alcatel.

Whether you know them as Brooktrout, Cantata or Dialogic, no other fax communications platform compares to the wide range of Analog, Analog DID, Digital and FoIP fax solutions the company has to offer:

  • Brooktrout TR1034 Series Analog, DID, Digital/FoIP Fax Boards - The work-horse of the Brooktrout Dialogic fax board product line, offers a number of configurations and PCI formats that will support SMBs and Enterprise fax applications. The T1/PRI Universal PCI board supporting 33.6Kbps on the V.34 fax standard, which includes Brooktrout’s Adaptive Call Progress, Error Correction Mode, MMR fax compression, and V.8 fast handshaking, that can cut call setup and session-management time by one-third.
  • Brooktrout TruFax Series Analog Fax Boards – Designed for departments, workgroups, small businesses and Open Text Fax Server development servers. The product comes in 1- and 2-Port configurations and has many of the same features as the TR1034 Series analog fax boards.

Dialogic’s confidence in the performance and reliability of their fax platforms is underscored by their 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Most products for the U.S. market are in stock and ready to ship.

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