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Fax2Mail Fax Services

Leverage our powerful Fax2Mail Fax Services to send, receive, save, and forward faxes from virtually any email client
By: Advantage Technologies

Send and Receive Faxes Using Only Your Email

No Software Installs

Fax machines pose many inconveniences—no privacy, paper jams, busy signals, a second phone line, and stacks of paper.   Although fax servers are a great solution, they may be too cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations and require IT professionals to manage and administer the software.

Fax2Mail has been a leading provider of outsourced messaging services for over two decades. The Fax2Mail fax service allows you to send, receive, save, and forward faxes from an email client, BlackBerry, desktop, laptop, PDA, or smartphone. For a low monthly cost, the fax service can be used from any place that has an internet or wireless connection—no servers or software required!

Benefits and Features:

  • No software to install, send and receive faxes from your email, BlackBerry, PDA or smartphone (print driver solution is optional)
  • Pay month-to-month or purchase an annual contract and save
  • Live, free customer support to help you with any technical or user questions
  • Port over an existing fax number, choose a new local or toll free fax number
  • Port away fax number away to another provider or telephone carrier
  • Secure, HIPAA and SOX compliant connectivity
  • Powered by the largest messaging platform in the world
  • Work is accomplished faster, with added security and total reliability

How does Fax2Mail work?

Fax2Mail works with your existing platforms for internet access and email. Traffic is forwarded through Easy Link’s high-speed, high-volume global network with total transparency to end-users.

To send faxes, virtually all common document files, spreadsheets, and graphic images are automatically converted to outbound faxes. When a user receives a fax, Fax2Mail automatically forwards it to the assigned user’s email box as an Adobe® PDF or TIFF attachment with notification in the subject line.

You maintain total control over administration of your accounts through a secure Web interface including user registration, coversheet/email design, billing, and delivery report options. Fax2Mail provides local or toll-free inbound numbers, or clients may also route existing fax numbers through our system. Faxes are automatically stored on our system for 30 days for proof of delivery and backup.

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