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IQ Fax Archive for RightFax

Easily Secure, Organize, and Index Faxes Any Way You Want!
April 26, 2018
By: Advantage Technologies
IQ Fax Archive for RightFax is a powerful addition to your faxing solution that enables you to organize, store, and route faxes in an efficient manner. By offloading these tasks, you can run a healthier RightFax system, while at the same time improve document management workflows.

IQ Fax Archive for RightFax helps you:

  • Organize and Index Faxes. Easily index and store all your faxes with seamless integration with RightFax, all your faxes can easily be indexed and organized outside of your RightFax system.
  • Keep Faxes Secure. Use flexible administrative permissions and Active Directory integration to ensure users only see their faxes.
  • Get Fax Confirmation Pages On-Demand. Access confirmation for any previously sent fax – even faxes sent years ago!
  • Convert Faxes to Searchable PDFs. Conduct full text search in addition to standard keyword search using the industry-leading OCR engine.
  • Apply Document Retention Policies to Your Faxes. Keep faxes archived for as long you need and destroy them when the retention period expires.

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