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Mail-to-Fax Connector for RightFax

Get Custom Application, MFP, Mail Server, and Mail Client Integration
By: Advantage Technologies

The Mail-to-Fax Connector for RightFax provides a universal email transport layer that lets RightFax users choose from a number of industry standard fax addressing schemes to send faxes via fax bound mail messages. Whether users want to send faxes from their mail client, or you have a custom or industry application that uses email as the transport method for sending transactional documents to RightFax for fax delivery; this connector will simplify the entire configuration and management process.

The Mail-to-Fax Connector typically replaces the RightFax Exchange Module, Lotus Notes Module, and SMTP Email Gateway to provide more integration and addressing schemes.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Simplify the User Experience: Users can now address outbound faxes using “simple fax addressing” from any mail client. Sending faxes from email has never been faster or easier; making employees more productive.
  • Automate the Delivery of Transactional Documents: Use Mail-to-Fax as the” transport method” for sending invoices, purchase orders, financial reports, and other transactional documents to the RightFax system for fax delivery. Most ERP, billing, purchase order, and reporting systems offer mail as one of the transport methods for automating the delivery of critical document via fax, using “simple fax addressing.”
  • Fax Enable Networked MFP Devices: Provide walk-up faxing from virtually any network MFP device, regardless of make, model or vendor; eliminating the need to purchase specific connectors for each device and device manufacturer.
  • Software Support: Support all RightFax software editions.
  • Support for Exchange Fax Addressing: Administrators can use the fax addressing scheme found in the RightFax SMTP Email Gateway: [RFAX:Fax Recipient@/FN=999-999-9999]
  • Exchange Support: Supports Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 with all currently supported versions of RightFax.
  • Support for “Simple Fax Addressing”: Administrators can use this very common fax addressing scheme used by many custom applications, invoicing, purchase order, reporting, ERP and healthcare applications: < >
  • No POP Needed: Unlike the built in SMTP Email gateway that comes with RightFax , Mail-to-Fax uses firewall friendly SMTP transport between Exchange, Lotus Notes, or any SMTP compliant mail servers and the RightFax for the “sending” of faxes.
  • No Application Installation on Mail Server Eliminates all third-party code from having to be installed on the Exchange or Lotus Notes mail server(s):
  • Multi-Mail Server Support: Provides a single solution that will support multiple Exchange, Lotus Notes, and all SMTP compliant mail servers.

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