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The market-leading fax solution for healthcare, RightFax provides a powerful integration with McKesson to eliminate manual processes and consistently increase productivity across the entire organization.

McKesson EMR & RightFax

Integrating RightFax with McKesson EMR

RightFax is the market-leading on-premise, hybrid or cloud enterprise fax server solution. As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with McKesson to deliver confidential patient information and required documentation certified or encrypted delivery options while providing an audit trail of healthcare information for internal reporting. 

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HIPAA Compliant

Provide encrypted and tamper resistant document delivery.

MFP Integrations

Integrate your MFP devices or global MFP fleet with RightFax. 


Secure Faxing

Manage PHI in a secure, reliable and electronic format.

Flexible Integrations

Meet the needs of your organization, both great and small.

By improving the quality and availability of fax, healthcare organizations can increase staff productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously improving revenue cycles by providing critical information more quickly and accurately.

Fax Transmission

Outbound Faxing with McKesson

For the end-user, sending a fax is completely seamless with RightFax API integration:

The McKesson integration only requires that a RightFax user be created with a non-AD Authenticated username via the RightFax COM API.

A RightFax Administrator will establish a connection to the RightFax API to process the outbound fax job and ensure delivery to the RightFax server where the fax will be sent.

The final status of the fax can be viewed within McKesson or in FaxUtil via delegate rights.

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Security & Compliance

Lower the Risk of Data Breaches

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, healthcare organizations know the importance of protecting against data breaches related to PHI. This means developing HIPAA compliance strategies and implementing security measures to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.

Secure Faxing Solution

Fax confidential data such as medical records, prescriptions and letters

Additional Security Options

Implement additional high availability and fax encryption options

Facilitating Smart Communications in Healthcare

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Full Audit Trails

Complete audit trails of all document access and system activity

Reduced Risk of Fines

Support compliance efforts through secure document delivery

Fax Transmission

Inbound Faxing with McKesson

The RightFax server provides several methods for routing received faxes to their intended recipients in your healthcare organization. Inbound faxes are most commonly routed based on the fax number that received the fax, although there are many other methods available. To send a fax with RightFax & McKesson, organizations can leverage:

Bar Code Routing to fax barcodes that can then be read and routed to a folder on a user’s network.

Smart Fax Distribution to route faxes to members of a group according to a member’s ability to process incoming faxes.

Direct Inward Dialing to route faxes based on the inbound fax number.

Transmission Success Indicators

Understanding Fax Status Messages


Green: Success

Faxes with a green status indicator were transmitted successfully.


Yellow: Pending

Faxes with a yellow status indicator have not yet been transmitted, or a transmission error occurred so the fax will be retransmitted.


Red: Failed

Faxes with a red status indicator encountered transmission errors and the server computer abandoned retransmission attempts.

Learn More about FaxUtil Fax Status Messages

Learn more about what each of the various status of FaxUtil mean for you and your faxes. 


RightFax & Healthcare

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