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Microsoft Exchange Connector Module

Reliably Send and View Faxes Directly from Outlook

[Diagram] MS Exchange Connector
Example of the Microsoft Exchange Connector workflow

Add-On Module

Send a fax as easily as sending an email

[Confidence Bar] Module RightFax Versions: 21.2, 20.2, 16.6 & Earlier
  • Increase employee productivity by providing a centralized, universal inbox for both faxes and email
  • View real-time fax status updates within Outlook, including notifications of sent and received fax statuses
  • Leverage many of the same features of FaxUtil such as phone book entries, cover sheets, and customized fax delivery

With Connector for Microsoft Exchange, users create faxes directly in Outlook as they would create emails. Faxes can be addressed to one or more destinations automatically using the Outlook Contacts folder, or addressed manually using a simple dialog. This add-on module includes ways for the user to customize fax cover sheets, attach electronic documents, assign billing codes, and more.

When a user faxes a document from Outlook, the module delivers the document to RightFax. RightFax renders the document to a fax format, adds a cover sheet and/or any specified attachments then transmits the document as a fax transmission. The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange also automatically routes incoming faxes to the user’s Outlook mailbox.

Providing a single location for administrative capabilities while enabling users to leverage the tools they are most familiar with, this module is perfect for organizations looking to enhance the productivity, collaboration, and efficiency of their document delivery workflows.

Enhanced Fax Workflows

A dedicated “fax” button included in the Outlook tool allows users to send a fax as easily as sending an email.


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 & Later
  • RightFax Business Server or RightFax Enterprise Server

Active Directory Sync

Automatically create and sync RightFax user accounts from Active Directory into your Exchange server

Exchange Web Services

With the Exchange Web Services connector, there’s no need to install any additional software or make any modifications to your Exchange or RightFax server.

Integrate with your Trusted RightFax Partner

Advantage Technologies is the proven leader for RightFax support and professional services. We are one of the few OpenText partners that has maintained the high standards necessary to be recognized as a RightFax Authorized Support Provider (ASP). Our Professional Services team’s track record speaks for itself:

  • 21+ Years of Experience
  • Over 1,000 Successful RightFax Implementations
  • OpenText Certified Senior RightFax Engineers
  • Proven Implementation Planning and Execution Processes

Choose Advantage Technologies as your RightFax support partner and trust our Professional Services team with all your RightFax installations and upgrades to ensure that your project is a success. 

We Create Fully Connected Fax Workflows So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our RightFax experts can help you integrate RightFax with most of the leading EMR software applications, which allows for a faster workflow process and more seamless patient servicing.

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