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Microsoft Sharepoint Connector Features

SharePoint allows for the automation of repeatable document processes such as content management, enterprise search, and business process enablement
By: Advantage Technologies

What is RightFax Connector for MOSS?

SharePoint allows automation of repeatable document processes. For instance, a common loan process is the acceptance of a rapid credit review and pre-qualification request. These are typically received as completed forms faxed to the mortgage company. Users can now create fax documents in Microsoft Office and send them out as a fax, or save them to SharePoint with the added security of keeping the original fax document in a SharePoint library. These forms automatically appear inside SharePoint as captured images that can now participate in a review process and approval workflow.

With OCR applications such as Single Click Entry, extracted metadata can now be populated to an InfoPath form or SharePoint library, providing the ability to perform enterprise search to drive alerts, RSS feeds, and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook® 2007 & 2010 or other Office applications.

Fax images delivered to SharePoint libraries can now conform to enterprise document policies, security and life-cycle management, providing improved compliance and accessibility.

Why use RightFax Connector for MOSS?

Customers use SharePoint Server 2007 every day for content management, enterprise search, and business process enablement. Since a captured fax image is typically the beginning of a business process needing automation, and sending a fax can often be the final step of a process, RightFax easily enables automatic import or export of document images sent from MFP’s, scanners, and fax. Images imported from RightFax automatically populate configured SharePoint libraries so users can select files for additional business processes using OCR and data workflow systems.

Full Text Search

You can use a SharePoint TIFF iFilter to extract text from the fax images themselves and search by keywords. This allows you to find any fax by searching on its contents—the words contained within the fax image—as well as the fax’s metadata.

Workflow Integration

Because the addition of a fax to a document library is a SharePoint event, it can initiate a workflow and insert the incoming fax into that workflow. People can also subscribe to a document library as an RSS feed, which opens up a whole separate world of alerting and workflow initiation. You can route fax images to specific document libraries in SharePoint based upon fax metadata, so a fax can go to the person you want or directly into the process you want.

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