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Network Fax Servers

With RightFax, organizations can use their existing business applications to easily send, receive fax documents
By: Advantage Technologies

Fax Servers Eliminate the Need for Stand-Alone Fax Machines and Reduce Paper-Related Costs and Security Risks

A fax server is a “system” installed on a LAN that allows computers, multi-function devices, and other network applications to send and/or receive fax messages. As an enterprise fax server solution, companies around the world are using the market-leading RightFax server (physical or virtual) that is equipped with dedicated Dialogic fax boards attached directly to telephone lines, PBX systems (analog or digital) or software that uses SR140 FoIP (“Fax over IP”) technology to transmit the signal over an IP network.

With RightFax, organizations can use their existing business applications to easily send, receive fax documents. RightFax seamlessly integrates with email, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, document management systems, multi-function printers (MFPs) and a host of other applications— providing a complete solution for your document delivery needs.


Features and Capabilities

  • Centralized Management: Centralized administration tools allow administrators to setup, configure and manage fax services individually or globally.
  • Intelligent Least-Cost Routing and IP Fax Delivery: Deliver faxes via alternate RightFax servers across corporate LANs, WANS, Intranets, or the Internet to ensure the most economical document delivery.
  • Intra-Company Least-Cost Routing: Deliver internal faxes via the RightFax network of servers and by-pass public-switch telephone networks to eliminate phone charges.
  • Immediate or Scheduled Delivery: Enhance service levels with instantaneous document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery to take advantage of off-peak telephone rates.
  • Network-Wide Desktop Faxing: Send and receive documents directly from desktop applications; use print-to-fax, email-to-fax and SharePoint faxing capabilities.
  • Consolidation: Integration tools including Application Program Interface (APIs) and embedded codes allow for easy and rapid customization.
  • Fax Monitoring: Monitor fax usage for cost recovery, billing or tracking purposes using built-in reporting tools or customize reports to meet unique requirements.
  • Customizable Notifications: Create fax status notifications to meet tracking and audit trail requirements
  • Fax Archival: Record inbound and outbound faxes for audit trail and to support security and regulatory compliance. Sarbanes-OxleyHIPAAGramm-Leach-Bliley, and other regulatory mandates place strict rules on how organizations process, record, track and disclose or disseminate business and patient information.


We Create Fully Connected Fax Workflows So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our RightFax experts can help you integrate RightFax with most of the leading EMR software applications, which allows for a faster workflow process and more seamless patient servicing.

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