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XML Generator Module

Enable long-term storage of all fax images and metadata indefinitely

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Add-On Module

Capture Fax Metadata for Long-term Storage & Archival

  • Eliminate storage and performance problems in RightFax by offloading fax metadata storage to a repository for long-term storage
  • Automate fax metadata storage and process flows by integrating with ERP, ECM, CRM, or other third-party applications
  • Easily edit XML template files to accommodate data format requirements of any third-party application

For organizations with fax-intensive workflows, long-term storage of both inbound and outbound fax images and metadata is critical to address internal and external fax retention requirements. Healthcare, finance, insurance, and banking are just a few vertical markets experiencing increased compliance and document retention needs. And, as retention spans get longer, it is crucial to have a reliable, secure and efficient storage process.

An add-on module, the XML Generator Module provides your organization greater control over what fax metadata is generated and stored along with the fax image to be imported into any ECM, ERP, workflow or similar applications. This integration mechanism allows your organization to keep their fax metadata outside of their RightFax system indefinitely or for as long as their organization’s retention policy requires.

Flexible Data Mapping

Configurable XML-templates reduce the need to leverage API Integration and provides more power and flexibility compared to network folder routing.

Third-Party Integration

Fax images and XML metadata files can often be imported directly into any ECM, ERP, workflow or similar third-party applications.

Compliance & Document Management

Support compliance and security efforts by archiving the fax image and preserving the audit trail for inbound and outbound faxes.

Rules-based Configuration

Based on document delivery workflows, save fax metadata and fax image files from specific RightFax accounts to different destinations to be processed appropriately.

Integrate with your Trusted RightFax Partner

Advantage Technologies is the proven leader for RightFax support and professional services. We are one of the few OpenText partners that has maintained the high standards necessary to be recognized as a RightFax Authorized Support Provider (ASP). Our Professional Services team’s track records speak for itself:

  • 21+ Years of Experience
  • Over 1,000 Successful RightFax Implementations
  • OpenText Certified Senior RightFax Engineers
  • Proven Implementation Planning and Execution Processes

Choose Advantage Technologies as your RightFax support partner and trust our Professional Services team with all your RightFax installations and upgrades to ensure that your project is a success. 

We Create Fully Connected Fax Workflows So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our RightFax experts can help you integrate RightFax with most of the leading EMR software applications, which allows for a faster workflow process and more seamless patient servicing.

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