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PCL Cover Sheet Basics

By: Advantage Technologies

Applies to

RightFax 9.3, 9.4, 10.0, 10.5, and 10.6


In RightFax, what are the basics for creating a PCL cover sheet?


Basics for creating a PCL cover sheet:

Suggestions listed in this article may reduce problems when designing customized PCL cover-sheets.

Use simple formatting on cover sheets

RightFax transmits and receives documents in black and white at a maximum resolution of 200×200. Use simple text and graphics to obtain the best document quality at low resolution. High-resolution, detailed color graphics or greyscale graphics with high shade variations may transmit at a lower quality.

Start with a new Microsoft Office or WordPad document

Customer Support occasionally assists with cover sheet problems that are only resolved by starting with a brand new document. In the case of Microsoft Word when using a new document, if you attempt to copy and paste content into the new document it may work better if you only copy text so that the new formatting settings are used.

Selecting a font style and size..

PCL code is used in the conversion of the cover sheet and needs to be specific.
For information on PCL codes, refer to the “PCL cover sheet codes” section in the RightFax Administrator’s Guide.


  • Font style should be a “native” printer font.
  • Typically a font style with a small printer icon in front of it works (choose Courier to be safe)

Note: To set a native printer font, it may be necessary to have a printer using the HP LaserJet 4 printer driver set as the default printer. Once done “native” printer fonts will be available in Word. If you are using an HP LaserJet 5200 Series PCL 5 driver, the Courier New font may be the only font that works to process embedded codes.


  • Use “normal” or “average” font sizes, such as a 10pt or 12pt font.

Inserting Pictures

You can add designs and pictures to your cover sheet.

  • For the greatest transmission quality and consistency, use few or no graphics and keep their design simple.

It may be necessary to insert graphics as a bitmap (.bmp), as other formats may cause failures in conversion to PCL.

  • Pictures or text that overlap can cause conversion problems.

Printing your cover sheet to a PCL file.

After you create the template document, convert it to a PCL file as follows:

  • To do this, go to file > Print and select the “Print to file”.
  • Under the “Save as type” change it from the printer file (*.prn) to All Files (*.*).
  • Choose a location to save the file and you save it with a *.pcl extension, or rename the .prn file with a .pcl extension. A convenient location is to use the default \FCS folder located in the RightFax installation directory, or in the Data Sharing location in the case of a Shared Services deployment.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to “print to file” twice (you can choose “yes” to overwrite) to get a working PCL cover sheet output.

Importing it to RightFax.

  • In RightFax 10.0 or older, when you save cover sheet in the “\RightFax\FCS” folder, Fax Clients automatically detect and list the cover sheet files stored in this location. Note: The cover sheet file name must use the 8.3 filename format (8 characters + dot + 3-letter extension).
  • In RightFax 10.5 and later, cover sheets are stored in the RightFax database. You must import new cover sheets or reimport edited cover sheets before they can be used for faxing.
  • To import a cover sheet, right-click the Cover Sheets section of the server tree in EFM choose New, then specify a cover sheet Name and optional Description. Click the Import button and select the new cover sheet file and click Okay>
  • To edit an existing cover sheet, you must first edit the source file outside of RightFax and import the new copy: right-click the cover sheet entry and choose Edit, or double-click the entry. Click the Import button, browse to the modified cover sheet file and select it to replace the existing content. If you do not have a backup copy of the original cover sheet file, use the View option to open the cover sheet in its native application and save a new copy (for PCL cover sheets, you must have a copy of the original document file (.doc, etc.) used to print the .PCL file.

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