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RightFax 10.6 Features & Benefits

A full breakdown on what features and benefits organizations can expect from the release of RightFax 10.6
By: Advantage Technologies

RightFax 10.6 includes updates to RightFax compatibility and integrations, new compliance and security measures, enterprise grade improvements, and tools to help the RightFax administrator. FIPS compliance, updated support for the latest Microsoft applications (such as Exchange 2013), and a brand new RightFax Encryption Module are some of the updates for RightFax 10.6.

Compatibility Upgrade

Support for:
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Web Services 2010 and 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
    • Includes a new RightFax SharePoint App with makes integrating SharePoint and RightFax easier than ever before
  • Microsoft Office 2013 now supported for Server Side Automation (SSA)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2008 R2
  • SAP Connector fully certified and updated to support: IBM Web Sphere updated to support versions 7 and 7.5
    • SAP ECC 6 EP4
    • SAP ECC 7
  • IBM Websphere updated to support versions 7 and 7.5
  • External Document Connector for MFPs
    • Support for the newest versions of MFPs from Xerox, HP and KM
    • KM new certification coming end of November
UPDATE: Discontinued support for Microsoft Windows XP for FaxUtil and Print-to-Fax. Customers Using Windows XP may install FaxUtil 10 or 10.5


Compliance and Security

RightFax Encryption Module
  • New optional module supported, but not included, with all versions of RightFax 10.6
  • Encrypts all fax images stored in the RightFax image directory
  • Encrypts all data at rest with TripleDES 192-bit security
  • Any and all authorized access is fully tracked
  • Any and all unauthorized access is denied
  • Supports PCI-DSS and HIPAA Compliance
Federal Information Processing Standards
  • RightFax 10.6 is fully compliant with the US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
  • RightFax now operates in FIPS compliant mode when FIPS is activated in Windows
RightFax Vault
  • Scalable, efficient fax archiving, designed for RightFax
    • Allows customers to address compliance, security requirements with the ability to easily and securely retrieve sent or received faxes
  • Re-architected Fax Archiving Connector
    • High performance, reliable, flexible
    • Customers can easily select what to archive and when
  • Uses the existing Fax Archiving Bundles for back end storage
    • Based on our Alchemy product line

Enterprise Grade

RightFax Collectives
  • Add up to 12 application servers to a single RightFax collective
  • Improvement to the management of Shared Services Collectives by the introduction of an ability to propagate settings to any or all member nodes
    • Eliminates the need to set up each node individually and reduces the possibility for human error during setup and configuration
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • RightFax has always supported silent or unattended installation of our client applications but, with RightFax 10.6 we’ve made it easier than ever before to rollout RightFax to your client workstations by supporting Microsoft SCCM
    • RightFax admins will be able to easily keep their clients up to date with RightFax patches and updates as this is all functionality built into SCCM.
Service Management
  • Best practice for RightFax administrator’s is to set the RightFax services to automatically restart upon failure
  • RightFax 10.6 removes the need to manually perform this step as we now install our services to automatically restart in the event of a failure
  • Minimizes any potential downtime
    • RightFax Server will now “take care of itself” by automatically restarting stopped services thus fixing a problem before it affects production
Web EFM Browser Support
  • Updated web-based administration tool that is supported on all browsers
    • IE
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Safari
  • Continuing to lead the industry by working with the major SIP Trunking providers to certify their T.38 FoIP solutions with RightFax
    • Avaya Communication Server 7.5
    • New Dialogic SDK 6.6
    • In-band DTMF signaling support for PRI and FoIP

Ease of Administration and Use

RightFax Admin Dashboard
  • Added ability to monitor an entire Shared Services collective and associated Remote DocTransports from one location
  • Now includes a history of channel utilization over time
    • 24 hour and 30 day rolling view
Alerting & Monitoring
  • Admins using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (MS SCOM) can easily integrate with RightFax Alerting and Monitoring for the purpose of monitoring the health of the RightFax Server
    • Added performance counters to RightFax Alerting and Monitoring
  • Admins can now use SCOM to pull actions and put them on the main Dashboard for monitoring
Enterprise Fax Reporter
  • New Enterprise Fax Reporter reports that gives admins the ability to pull a report on Fax Channel Utilization over time and by group
  • Allows admins to clearly identify:
    • Groups with large outbound fax volume
    • Points in the day where fax channels are fully saturated
    • Bottlenecks in production fax throughput
Fax Notification Improvements
  • Administrators can now allow inbound ANI info to be populated in SMTP messages
  • Organizations who processes all outbound fax traffic through SMTP can now have the RightFax Server capture the outbound email subject and then use that email subject in the fax notification that will follow after fax delivery
  • Organizations who are sensitive to fax transmission speed can now configure the RightFax Server to include fax transmission information as part of their users fax notifications
Microsoft User Access Control
  • RightFax 10.6 now fully supports Microsoft UAC
  • Admins will no longer need to disable UAC on their RightFax Servers
  • Admins will no longer need to be concerned about running their servers without the added protection of Microsoft UAC
Delegate groups
  • Add a group as a delegate to a mailbox (instead of just a single user at a time)
  • Makes managing delegates much easier
    • If someone joins a group, they automatically have the same access to the mailbox as the group
Per Job Conversion Settings
  • RightFax 10.6 Client users that are sending PDF documents will now have the option to select between 3 different conversion quality settings (on a per fax job basis) based upon the nature of the document being sent (pure text vs pictures & graphics)
    • This allows users to select the right conversion quality and use the RightFax fax preview functionality to ensure the best possible fax copy gets sent to their recipients
Automatic Fax Aging Improvements
  • RightFax 10.6 enhances the Automatic Fax Aging process by allowing administrators to set different document retention policies for successful, failed, and permanent problem faxes
  • This allows administrator’s the flexibility to decide how long they would like to keep faxes based upon their status
Paths to RightFax 10.6
  • New tools will make it easier than ever to update a production environment to RightFax 10.6 from RightFax 10 and RightFax 10.5

In-Place Server Upgrades

For those administrators who are not planning on making changes to the hardware their RightFax Server(s) are running on, RightFax 10.6 supports in-place upgrades on the same hardware.  So if you’re already running RightFax 10.0 or 10.5 you can just run the RightFax Product Suite installer to have your server automatically upgraded to RightFax 10.6.

Server Migrations

If you will be migrating your RightFax Server Environment(s) to new hardware, the RightFax Migration and Database Upgrade tools continue to make it easy to update a production environment to RightFax 10.6.  Your existing server(s) must already be running RightFax 10.0 or RightFax 10.5 to support the Server Migration Tools.

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