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RightFax 16.4 Administrative Features

In the latest release, administrators can benefit from reduced complexity, gain the ability to manage delegate rights for users from EFM, and more.

August 30, 2018
By: Advantage Technologies

RightFax 16.4 Administrative Features

Host: Jeff Kunstler | Video Duration: 03:09

Text Transcript

With the new Shared Service module, admins have a simple and less disruptive way to upgrade Shared Services environments. Now, all servers in a Collective will look to a central location for a Service Release deployment package , and upgrade themselves automatically.

This will update your server in the middle of the night with pre-timed maintenance and will apply updates right away and may lead to some downtime. We urge caution when using this update. This is a really nice enhancement that many customer’s have asked me about.

Many of you already have a SQL environment with different types of redundancy. Moving the images into your SQL environment will allow RightFax to take advantage of whatever redundancies you are already using. It also takes away the requirement to have a shared image store such as a NAS or SAN which can be challenging for some organizations. OpenText has tested this module and there is no performance degradation compared to traditional image storage. There is an additional cost for this module.

This feature is great for customers that already have a robust SQL high availability strategy and want to apply that strategy to their fax images. The updated MFP connectors simplifies the administration and use of your MFP devices. More and more organizations are integrating their MFP’s with RightFax and are benefiting from the cost savings of removing all the analog lines and the increased security of having all paper documents that are sent from the MFP’s stored electronically.

Once a document is sent from an MFP that is integrated with RightFax you benefit from all the features that RightFax has to offer, including email notifications, encryption, and security. This update enhances the way RightFax admins are able to integrate RightFax with their existing MFP fleet. Administrative roles are an important enhancement since in previous versions you either had regular users or full Administrators, now you can give users limited Administrative roles such as a user that can control addition and deletion of users, but can not change RightFax service configurations.

Great feature for organizations that have multiple support tiers or are on-boarding a new RightFax admin. Continuing Administrative features, we have a few new features introduced in 16.2 and carried to 16.4 that will help ease Administrative tasks. Delegate rights can now be managed through EFM and Administrators can Disable/Enable accounts. Administrators will also be able to set up separate retry setting for transmissions.

We’ve found that these features have alleviated some of the major pain points for RightFax administrators.

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