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RightFax 16.4 FaxUtil & WebAdmin Features

In the latest release, FaxUtil & WebAdmin feature enhanced end user functionality, increased device and browser support, anytime/anywhere access from a web client, and more.
By: Advantage Technologies

RightFax 16.4 FaxUtil + WebAdmin Features

Host: Jeff Kunslter | Video Duration: 08:48

Text Transcript

For years, our customer’s have been requesting a client that doesn’t require as much IT investment.  However, they wanted it to have the same functionality as the thick client.  With the release of 16.4, FaxUtilWeb is a web-based client that has all the same functionality of the original FaxUtil.  The benefit of this new web client is that it allows for a reduction of the required effort to support RightFax on hundreds or sometimes thousands of desktops.

This is perfect for any organization that wants to reduce the amount of client software that they have to manage.

The WebAdmin feature was originally introduced in 16.2 but continues to be available in 16.4. With the new WebAdmin, you will have support for all browser and mobile devices with the same functionality as EFM. Please note that this cannot be accessed using Internet Explorer 10, but you’re safe as long as you use an HTML5 compliant browser. Users will also see that it is able to replicate the existing thick client in your RightFax environment while replacing the legacy web EFM tool.

Again, this cuts down on client software and allows administrators to manage their RightFax system from anywhere.

OpenText has created the ability to update/register all MFPS to simplify the process of managing and centralizing an organizations entire fleet of MFPs.  Additionally, users will have more delegation control and the ability to download event logs to ease troubleshooting.

OpenText shows commitment to enhancing the administrative tool set for RightFax by incorporating these additional WebAdmin features.

Now we’ll do a brief demo of the RightFax FaxUtilWeb and the RightFax WebAdmin. As you can see from the screen, there is now a new entry level to all the RightFax Web Apps. It is now called “RightFax”. In this case, we are going to the URL of the server name slash RightFax. It brings you right to the top-level website and from here I have access to do just about almost all my WebAdmin. Let’s start with the button that says Web Client which brings us to the FaxUtilWeb. As you can see, very similar to the thick client. You have your folders to the left, your all, main, and trash. You have your fax lists here and right now I have one fax. I double click, and it brings me right in and you have your tools for viewing so you can zoom out, zoom in, your rotation tools, annotation tools along here. You also have the ability, just like in the thick client from the fax itself to route it, forward it, print it using a server print, delete, add it the library, add it to a form, you can add comments, and you can view or change statuses here.

I’m going to exit out. Next thing we’re going to look at it is sending a new fax. I’m going to go to New > Fax here, again, very similar to the thick client. I have the ability to put in a To name, the destination, and other information that goes on the coversheet such as voice number or company. You also have the ability to change your coversheets, view your coversheet, add a comment for your records, here’s the attachments area where you can choose a library document or browse for a file, and you also have your billing codes here. You can send it at this point or you can go into your advance options. We have the recipient first, so you can add additional information. Next, we’ll go into our options now and I can decide if I want to do a delay send or certified delivery, or a hold for preview. I also have some conversion settings just like in the thick client: automatic delete and my priorities.

On this side you have the ability to change coversheet information from the From field. That is usually prepopulated, but if you wanted to at one time to change the name, you have the ability to do that from here, just like the thick client. They did a great job at mimicking the feature set of the thick client on the FaxUtilWeb. Let’s cancel out of here. You also have phonebooks. Click on phonebooks and you can see that you can create, edit or delete. You also have the ability to change your delegates and also change your settings, all from the Web Client. Let’s go to home now and go into the new WebAdmin. What’s different from the WebAdmin from EFM is the entryway now brings you right to the dashboard. There’s always a slight delay while it builds you dashboards and the dashboard is pretty neat. It shows you what is going on with your faxes. Allows you to see your channels, to see your work request, CPU usage, fax by volume and queues. You can get a good feel of what’s going on in real-time with your fax server right from here. Always when you come in this will bring you to the dashboard. You have the ability to look at your channels in real-time just like the EFM and you’ll see what the channel is doing: is it sending, receiving? You’ll get information about the fax coming in such as the remote ID and the rate of the fax, usually fourteen four, and the route code that was sent or received. Your services, just like the thick client, you can highlight them and stop and start or restart. You can sort by status, running time, or start up.

Everyone is familiar with users and this is just like the users in EFM where you can highlight a user, checking it, hitting edit, go in, and do all the things you could do from the thick client such as change the user ID or user name, link it to your domain account, change your routing code, change your route type and file format, you also have the ability to change groups. Really just about everything you can do from the thick client you can do from here.

Same thing with groups. I can click edit and you can see it is very familiar there’s your notification, your coversheets. All the things you do from EFM. Your auto-aging, very easy to do, it mimics them perfectly. And all the other things as we work our way down: signatures, forms, printers. Some of the other things I want to show you while I’m in here is now you have the ability to view the event log directly from WebEFM which is really nice. You can see it again and sort it by date and time, source, message, you can filter on errors and warning and information. You also have the ability to do your dialing rules and create a dialing rule with all the same functions set as the thick client. What’s new now is the ability to do your MFPs right from here. You have the ability now to import, check your licenses, and configure the EDC. The common theme is centralized administration.

In previous versions of RightFax, pre-16.2 especially, you needed three different utilities to do certain things. You need the FaxUtility for delegates, you needed the EFM for basic generic administration, and you needed the EDC module for your MFPs. Now you can do everything from the WebEFM. You can change your user information, you can look at your channels in real-time, which isn’t new, but now you can download the event log or look at the event log, view your MFPs, directly from one interface.

It makes it a lot easier and a little bit of a smoother interface without having to worry about going to different clients and different web clients to do administrative functions. We’ll go back to the home now and I’ll mention real quickly, there is an analytics tool that you would enter from here and also the ability to change which server you’re working on right from here.


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