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RightFax 16.6 Overview & Features

By: Advantage Technologies

The latest version of RightFax includes is packed with new features and functionality including high-resolution faxes, significant improvement to automated document processing, routing and tracking and visual history for fax records that improves and simplifies document auditing.

New Features

Shared Microsoft Message Queue

  • As of RightFax 16.6, a shared MSMQ is no longer a requirement as MSMQ will be local. All RightFax information previously contained within MSMQ is now within SQL Server shared information
  • Streamlines and simplifies Shared Services deployments and administration
    • Eliminates single failure points
    • Increases the availability of RightFax collectives

 Automated Library Documents

  • RightFax will support library documents that can be automatically inserted between the coversheet and fax body pages
  • Companies can use coversheets for traditional purposes while maintaining the integrity of the fax body content, and allowing for the insertion of required text
    • Required outbound content is included in all faxes

 High Resolution Fax

  • Provide the ability to send faxes at 400×400 resolution
    • Significantly improves document quality
    • Facilitates more accurate OCR
  • Allows organizations to send complex documents with many fields such as clinical admissions forms
    • Support for QR barcodes to be added in a future release

 RightFax Client Workflows

  • RightFax clients will be modified to enable faster processing of inbound and outbound faxes and eliminate the need for a shared inbox
  • Users will now have a quick way to tag or add metadata to a fax
  • Ideally suited to organizations without a capture solution that need to add tags or metadata to a fax

 RightFax Visual History and User Avatar

  • FaxUtil’s fax history feature now includes a visual and interactive interface
    • Simplifies troubleshooting
    • Improves FaxUtil usability
  • Users can upload an avatar image to represent their user profile
  • Visual history records provide a quick and simple way to conduct fax audits

Konica Minolta APP

  • Update the integration to the newest RightFax MFP APP
    • No price changes
  • Simplified UI to simulate the simplicity of a fax machine
    • Secure file transfer between device and server

FaxUtil Saved Search

  • Search queries in FaxUtil and FaxUtil Web can now be saved and re-run with two clicks
    • Simplifies repetitive tasks
    • Increases end user productivity

Secure Active Directory User Synchronization

  • RightFax Synchronization module will be modified to support TLS and certificate based communication to LDAP sources
  • Provides the highest level of security to ensure that all information passed between RightFax and Active Directory will be encrypted and protected

Outbound OCR

  • A new outbound OCR feature will block outbound faxes containing prohibited text
  • Blocked faxes are logged to the history record and display status of “blocked by prohibited content”
  • Facilitates compliance with organizational policy and security measures

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