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RightFax 20.2 Overview & Features

By: Advantage Technologies

The newest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to help businesses optimize workflows, shorten revenue cycle times, improve user productivity, and simplify the administrative and user experience.

New Features

Certified API-based connector for Epic EHR

  • Healthcare organizations with Epic EHR require Epic certified integration partners and a simple way to send faxes
  • New Epic connector provides a certified integration to exchange faxed documents within Epic systems
    • Requires the Integration Module
  • Leverages Epic Print Services which allows users to send faxes directly from Epic
    • Ensures fax delivery and eases IT burden with real-time tracking of sent and received patient information exchange, including the status of sent faxes within Epic and Epic My Printouts
    • Facilitates workflows by routing inbound fax to network folders
    • Increases and maintains patient and provider service levels with around-theclock reliability

RightFax Workflow enhancements

  • Improve business processes and decrease time to revenue
  • Enhance RightFax Workflows to provide branching, exception handling, rejections, SLAs and metadata viewing
  • Transforms fax images into structured files with actionable data
    • Increase document security with defined visibility according to the user’s role
    • Optimize processes to automatically route documents to the right team members based on SOPs
    • Simple code-free workflow manager lets users create and manage workflows
    • Design the path data takes through the process, using an easy visual workflow configurator

 Email gateway enhancements

  • Businesses require a way to control the distribution of incoming RightFax email traffic across their organization’s network
  • Assign RightFax gateways to specific RightFax groups
    • Schedule email gateway faxing in hourly intervals
  • Manages traffic and prevents email server spikes
    • Minimizes user request response time
    • Ensures performance and reliability of email server resources

New Interface Enhancements

  • Organizations seek to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workforce
  • A new enhanced interface for RightFax desktop and web client applications
  • Simplifies the process of creating a new fax. Users can create a new fax message in as few as two clicks
    • Reduces effort needed to create, track and manage fax documents
    • Instantly view fax documents with new preview pane
    • Decreases the need for training, documentation, and internal support
  • Leverage “dark mode” to improve visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light
  • Users can now Drag and Drog attachments into the fax attachment window in FaxUtil Web

 Outlook integration enhancements

  • Organizations leveraging Outlook for faxing require support for Office365 and Exchange cached mode
  • Enhance RightFax to support Office365 and Exchange cached mode
    • A new SMTP based Outlook integration to maximize performance and usability
  • Fax enables remote workforc
    • Reduces IT burden by leveraging SMTP
    • Simplifies the fax user experience with familiar Outlook interface
    • Offers significant performance improvements over foreign  connectors

 Simplified management of fax enabled connectors

  • Businesses require a simpler way to manage RightFax enabled MFPs, XML Generator, and Vault connections
  • Replace the External Document Connector with new Web Admin based configuration
    • New Post Fax Processing area within user Group settings
  • Simplifies configuration of all RightFax Post Fax processing integrations
    • Seamless experience within Web Admin

 Web API enhancements

  • RightFax customers require a fully-featured Web API to create custom applications, integrations, and solutions to support business processes
  • A comprehensive update to the RightFax Web API that provides feature parity with core RightFax desktop applications
  • Leverage internal development resources to create cost-effective custom applications
    • Extends faxing capabilities to custom web and mobile applications
    • Strengthens brand recognition by customizing the look and feel of custom applications

 RightFax Web Reporter

  • Administrators and RightFax power users require anywhere anytime access to RightFax reports
  • New web-based version of Enterprise Fax Reporter
  • Allows administrators to easily detect or identify suspicious activities such as excessive login attempts
    • Simplifies access to all RightFax reports

 Enhanced installation security

  • Client applications require secure connectivity protocols such as TLS, SSL, and secure TCP
  • All web-based client connectivity is secured by default via a self-signed certificate
    • All desktop client connectivity is secured by Secure TCP
    • All RightFax user and administrative accounts are password secured by default
  • Enhances the already strong security of RightFax
    • Helps organizations meet security mandates
    • Ensures secure, private information exchange

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