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Overview & Features

The latest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to help businesses leverage semi-structured actionable data, improve customization capabilities, and more.

New Add-On

RightFax Intellgient Workflows

Introducing Automated Fax Data Extraction

What’s new:

  • New module featuring built-in automated zonal
  • OCR based on the OpenText Intelligent Captureengine
  • Seamless integration with RightFax Workflowstechnology
  • Simple OCR capture template designer
  • Available in desktop and web clients


  • Transforms inbound faxes into semi-structured files with actionable data
  • Shortens cycle times and decreases time to revenue
  • Accelerates and automates fax data extraction to drive workflows
  • Automates data entry and eliminates manual tasks

An Out-of-the-Box Solution

This new module features built-in automated zonal OCR based on the OpenText Intelligent Capture Engine.


  • Transforms fax images into semi-structured files with actionable data
  • Automatically extract data from faxes
  • Provides a quick way to tag or add metadata to a fax


  • Optimize processes to automatically route documents to the right team members based on SOPs
  • Find faxes in seconds using keywords and filtering

Increase Security

  • Increase document security with defined visibility according to the user’s role
  • Eliminates the need for a shared inbox

Intelligent Workflows Zonal Capture

  • Zonal capture directly from RightFax
  • Quickly and easily design capture templates
  • Available on any fax image stored in RightFax
  • Map and assign templates to RightFax Workflows
  • Re-use templates across various RightFax Workflows to save time and improve efficiency

Intelligent Workflows Check-Box Capture

  • Check-box Capture directly from RightFax
  • Quickly and easily design capture templates
  • Available for any RightFax fax
  • Map and assign templates to RightFax Workflows
  • Re-use templates across various RightFax Workflows to save time and improve efficiency

Intelligent Workflows Exception Handling

  • Exceptions clearly indicated in the fax list
  • Quickly correct any metadata which generates an exception
  • Field-level validation and color-coded exceptions
  • Ensure proper downstream processing of all inbound fax

Intelligent Workflows: Benefits

Accelerate & Automate

  • Extract data from fax images
  • Intelligently route to users and systems
  • Shorten cycle times and increase time to revenue

Improve Data Quality

  • Reduce errors
  • Improve information sharing
  • Strengthen compliance and auditability

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Automate data entry and manual tasks
  • Reduce paper-based filing and storage

Increase Productivity

  • Easily find faxes with powerful search functionality

Certified Integration

Connector for Allscripts

Supports Allscripts Professional™ and TouchWorks® EHR

  • Fax protected health information directly from Allscripts
  • Simplifies faxing from Allscripts
  • Improve HIPAA compliance
  • Strengthens security
  • Leverages the RightFax Web API
  • Receive fax status notifications in Allscripts


  • RightFax 21.2
  • RightFax Integration Module
  • Allscripts Connector
[Medalion] Allscripts Developer Program Authorized Integrator

Sending Faxing from Allscripts: How it Works

Allscripts How it Works
  1. Click the “Send via RightFax“ button in the Allscripts application while viewing a patient’s records*
  2. The RightFax Allscripts web page opens with patient’s name at the top and a list of Allscripts documents below it.
  3. The user selects the documents they wish to fax, fills in a fax number, and optionally selects a covert sheet and adds notes, then clicks Send.
  4. The fax is submitted using the RightFax Web API and is processed by the Allscripts connector, which retrieves the fax images from Allscripts and sends the job.

API Simplicfication

RightFax API Enhancements

Increasing customization and integration possibilities

[Logo] Oracle
[Medalion] Allscripts Developer Program Authorized Integrator
[Medalion] Epic App Orchard
[Medalion] SAP Certified Powered by SAP NetWeaver

What’s new:

  • Extensive sample code and documentation make it easier than ever to develop custom solutions
  • Simplifies development via Postman language-agnostic framework
  • New expansive SDK for REST API
  • Reintroduction of the COM API

Why it matters:

  • Amplifies developers with simplified fax integration capabilities
  • Leverage internal development resources to create cost-effective custom applications
  • Extends faxing capabilities to custom business, mobile, and web applications
  • Strengthens brand recognition by customizing the look and feel of custom applications

Improved Security

RightFax Security Enhancements

The leader in compliance solutions

  • Enhances administrative auditing to NIST standards
  • Synchronization support for cloud Microsoft Azure
  • Active Directory environments
  • Support for OAuth for cloud platforms
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure
    • okta
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