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RightFax 23.4 System Requirements

Minimum and recommended environments for RightFax 23 Enhancement Pack 4
By: Advantage Technologies

Virtual Server Minimum Requirements

Virtualization Environments

RightFax supports the following virtualization environments:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft® Azure®
  • Microsoft® Hyper-V®
  • VMware® ESX 3.01 or later
  • VMware vSphere® 4.0 and later (includes support for vMotion®)
  • Citrix® XenServer® 6.2 or later

Server Operating Systems
OpenText™ RightFax™ supports the following Microsoft® Windows® operating systems (with current updates):

  • Windows Server® 2019
  • Windows Server® 2022

RightFax Application Servers

2 CPU (or Virtual Cores) required
4 CPU (or Virtual Cores) recommended

4GB RAM required. 8GB RAM recommended

Hard Disk:
Minimum free space is 10GB (1.2GB for installed programs). A 50GB (minimum) dedicated application disk
for RightFax is recommended

Hard disk minimum requirements do not include space for storage of document images. To calculate needed disk space, OpenText recommends using an estimate of 35kb per page.

A Windows account is required to run RightFax services. The account you choose must be a member of the local administrators group and must have the right to log on as service on the local computer.

Microsoft SQL Server

RightFax supports the following Microsoft SQL Server products:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and 2019 Express, Standard, and Enterprise Editions

Communication and Load Balancer Port Exclusions and Mappings

RightFax Applications (Firewall Exclusions and Load Balancer Ports):

Please note these exclusions and mappings are for network ports hosted by RightFax. The assumption is no outbound ports will be blocked for communication to other hosts. Documentation and instruction on configuring strict firewall control may require Professional Services.

Required Ports (Firewall and/or Load Balancer):

  • Server Module (client access): TCP/10520-10522
  • Web Apps (FaxUtil Web): TCP/80, TCP/443 (for https)
  • SMB: TCP/445
  • SR140 / SIP: 5060 UDP
  • SR140 / RTP: 56000 – 56999 UDP

Required Firewall-Only Ports:

  • Remoting: TCP/36363, TCP/34987-34988
  • SR140/OEM Channel Application: … RightFaxDocTransportBrooktroutbostsrv.exe

Optional Ports (Firewall and/or Load Balancer):

  • EDC/SMTP MFP Connector: TCP/25
  • LPD Print Services: TCP/515

Optional Firewall-only Ports:

  • Remote DocTransport: TCP/10062

Additional Requirements for Physical Servers
If reusing previously purchased fax boards, please provide the full model number or serial number to your Advantage Representative to verify compatibility with current versions of RightFax and Windows Operating Systems, and to verify the physical form factor of the board. You will have to verify with the Physical Server vendor or manufacturer whether the board can be accommodated.

  • 2x 146 GB Hard Drives, Raid 1 (for better performance 3x 146GB, Raid 5) or greater.

If ordering new fax boards, you will need an appropriate available slot for the card as follows:

  • TR1034 boards with model numbers starting ‘TR1034+E’ have a low profile, half length PCI-Express form factor
  • TR1034 boards with model numbers starting ‘TR1034+P’ have a full height, full length legacy PCI slot form factor
  • TruFax 200E LP boards have a low profile, half length PCI-Express form factor
  • TruFax 200-R boards have a full height, half length legacy PCI slot form factor

RightFax AntiVirus

RightFax Program Files – Directories

  • %Installation Path%RightFax – and all subdirectories
  • All paths found in RightFax Server Module -> Data Sharing Tab
  • Product Connectors – <%Installation Path% on host machines. Please contact support for more info>

Operating System Exclusions

Print Spooler

  • Default Location – %SystemRoot%SYSTEM32SPOOLPRINTERS

Temp Folders

  • %SystemRoot%UsersAppdataLocalTemp
  • %SystemRoot%WindowsTempWorkSrv*


  • Default Location – %windir%system32msmqstorage

Service Account Profile

  • %windir%system32configsystemprofiledesktop – if this location does not exist, create
  • %windir%SysWOW64configsystemprofiledesktop – if this location does not exist, create %Local Settings%temp

Best Practices for Antivirus Exclusion in Windows Server

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