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RightFax Connect

Benefit from a cloud-based alternative to analog and FoIP (Fax over IP) lines with a 100% outsourced telephony solution.
By: Advantage Technologies

Cloud Enable Your RightFax Server

rightfax connect 300ppi  As cloud solutions gain market acceptance and garner higher adoption rates, it should come as no surprise that RightFax now offers a hybrid solution that empowers organizations to leverage the cloud. Many companies we speak with confirm the need for their own on-premises RightFax fax server in order to retain complete control over their data for security and privacy compliance laws or they want to easily integrate with in-house systems and processes.

About RightFax Connect

With RightFax Connect, you can benefit from a cloud-based alternative to analog and FoIP (Fax over IP) lines with a 100% outsourced telephony solution.

A cloud-based alternative to analog and FoIP fax lines. Remove the worries of managing your telephony, and be able to fax without channels.

  • A 100% outsourced telephony solution for your RightFax server that requires no fax boards, no fax channels, no gateways, no PRI/T1/E1 lines, no analog phone lines, and no complex PBX integrations.
  • A cloud-based communication tool that lets you to send and receive faxes from your RightFax server without managing telephone lines, all you need is an https capable connection (basically your standard internet connection).
  • A flexible, scalable fax phone line solution that will automatically provide capacity for your small and large fax volume, including bursts and peaks.


A Hybrid Solution

  • Leverages the easy, deep integrations of market-leading RightFax with the powerful simplicity of cloud-based telephony.
  • Frees your valuable IT and telecommunications staff from the time-consuming responsility of estimating, setting up, and operating phone lines for fax.
  • Provides data  sovereignty by granting you full control over your on-premise RightFax server and data-even when transmitting via the cloud.

A Safe, Secure Cloud Option

  • Secures with multiple layers of hardware and logical access controls including multi-tiered firewall architecture, intrusion detection/prevention systems, three simultaneous layers of anti-virus, three simultaneous products/layers of log analytics and monitoring, and multiple layers of end-to end encryption including TLS/SSL, IPSec/VPN, SSH, FTPS, and others to protect data in transit.
  • Protects your data by ensuring that faxes sent and received through the cloud never reside there and are deleted immediately after transmission.
  • You retain full ownership of your fax numbers so you can port existing numbers to RightFax connect, and keep any new numbers you provision through the service.
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