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RightFax Delegates Manager Module

Easily Manage Delegates Within and Across Multiple RightFax Environments
By: Advantage Technologies

The RightFax Delegates Manager Module centralizes the creation, revocation, and control of granular delegates permissions through a simple user interface. It enables users to effectively upgrade or migrate delegates settings through a simple import and export mechanism. This allows enterprise customers to synchronize changes across multiple RightFax server environment and easily provide management reports on delegates.

The Delegates Manager Module is simple to install and configure and makes it easy to add, remove or update delegates (delegators and delegates). You can designate more than 25 separate permissions, including:

  • Approve fax
  • Edit fax
  • View fax
  • View first page
  • Print
  • Annotate
  • Forward
  • Route
  • and many more!

Benefits and Features

  • Centralize delegates management, reducing administration time and errors.
  • Enhance organization productivity and controls over fax management and user permissions.
  • Improve adherence to internal controls via delegates management reports.
  • Dual-mode functionality (full management vs. reporting only) based on login.
  • Save time with migration, upgrade, and multi-systems synchronization.
  • Export delegates configuration for entire server, or for specific users into an XML file. XML file that can then be imported as part of system migration.
  • XML file support encryption and encryption password for added security.
  • Generate management report by delegate ID or User ID.
  • Include report viewer with print preview; support PDF, Excel, XPS outputs.
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7; requires .NET 3.5 SP1 or higher.

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