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RightFax Deployment Models

When looking for an enteprise-level fax solution, one of the most important considerations is the method of deployment.
By: Advantage Technologies

On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Deployment Options

There are four basic models for deploying fax solutions: on-premise, hosted, hybrid, and fax as a service. Each model has its own unique characteristics – whether those characteristics are strengths or weaknesses will depend upon your requirements for functionality, the availability of IT staff, related costs and how critical fax is to your business.


Traditional On-Premise solutions leverage a physical or virtual fax server, which requires management of server, software and telephony infrastructure. The key strength of an on-premise solution is the simplicity to integrate with existing software applications and multi-functional printers (MFPs), as well as the transparency in viewing your fax traffic. This solution supports configurations for high availability that includes virtualization, redundancy, and superior data sovereignty.

RightFax is the market leading fax server software solution that was originally developed for on-premise implementations. RightFax automates time-intensive manual, paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications, systems and devices.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud / Hosted model moves deployment of a dedicated fax server from on-premise to a service provider’s data center. The strength of this solution is that the IT infrastructure is managed at the data centers of the service provider, keeping customer data protected and isolated. Connection to the RightFax software functions and integrations can be done via a VPN connection.


In hybrid models, some portion of the software resides at your site (on-premise) and some portion is provided as a service (hosted/in the cloud). Where the division occurs can vary from vendor to vendor. The key strength of hybrid solutions is that the service portion includes managing the connection to the telephone network–often the most complex part of deploying a fax over IP solution–removing this responsibility from your IT staff. Because some of the software is residing on-premise, integration with MFPs and other software applications remain an option.

babyTEL T.38 SIP Trunking is the leading T.38 fax provider in North America, with more than 50 million fax minutes sent/received in 2012. With their easy-to-deploy T.38 SIP trunks, you can now bypass your current phone system and existing T1/PRI lines, leveraging fax over IP at very competitive rates.

RightFax Connect is a new hybrid offering that leverages your existing, on-premise RightFax software while outsourcing your fax telephony to OpenText.

Cloud Fax Service

In this pure service deployment model, no fax software resides on-site. Usually, faxes are sent and received via email. Management of infrastructure and telephony is provided by the service provider. The technical resources and maintenance in supporting fax as a service are typically very low, but per page costs may be more expensive than hybrid or on-premise solutions. In some cases, you may be more limited in integrations with MFP’s and other software applications.

Fax2Mail services provide corporate customers with a true cloud- based fax-to-email/email-to-fax service.

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