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RightFax Enterprise Integration

The RightFax Enterprise Integration edition is a robust, comprehensive fax and document distribution solution that bundles together all best features and includes the full suite of add-ons, connectors and modules
By: Advantage Technologies

RightFax Enterprise Integration Edition Includes:

  • Unlimited User Clients
  • Web Access Client
  • OCR Routing and Conversion
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Secure SMTP Mail gateway for connection to cloud based and on-premise email systems, and Alerting and Monitoring Functionality
  • Connector for Microsoft Exchange
  • Connector for Lotus Notes
  • PDF Module
  • SNMP Module
  • Bar Code Routing Module
  • Integration Module
  • Connector for SAP

Add-On Modules for Enterprise Integration:

Exchange Module

The RightFax Gateway for Microsoft Exchange unites fax and email within Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to improve efficiency, streamline workflow processes, and reduce costs. Send, receive, view, and manage faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook. Ease fax and email administration with centralized administrative features.

Lotus Notes Module

The RightFax Gateway for IBM Lotus Notes unites fax and email within Lotus Notes to improve efficiency, streamline workflow processes, and reduce costs. Send, receive, view and manage faxes directly from IBM Lotus Notes. Ease fax and email administration with centralized administrative features.

PDF Module

The PDF Module automatically detects and converts PDF and PostScript files into faxable format for network faxing. Print Postscript and PDF documents directly to the RightFax print queue and receive them as file attachments when using RightFax email gateways. Support Type 1 and Type 2 Postscript fonts. It is ideal for organizations where PDF-formatted documents are the corporate standard or for document-centric, graphic-intensive, or MAC enterprises.

SecureDocs Module

The SecureDocs Module enables users to send digitally encrypted or certified documents via email from RightFax. This enhances security, privacy and helps support regulatory compliance efforts. Leverage certified delivery to receive notification of the date and time a password-protected document is opened. Deliver encrypted password protected documents via email to eliminate tampering.

SNMP Alerting Module

The SNMP Alerting Module receives RightFax alerts on SNMP-compatible network monitoring applications to speed response times and enhance system management. Send alerts on varying severity to your SNMP network monitor; monitor real-time server status and start/stop RightFax directly from the network monitor application.

Integration Module

The Integration Module lets you utilize intelligent data recognition and integration tools including facsimile command language, production-embedded codes, the RightFax XML interface and RightFax Java API. It automates the delivery of documents such as invoices, purchase orders and statements from CRM, ERP, host, legacy and other back office applications.

Users can deliver production-oriented, high-volume batch documents electronically directly from back office applications without modifying the data stream. They can also take advantage of capabilities such as forms overlay, flexible scheduling with multiple priority levels, faxing from multiply applications and fax status notifications; and leverage numerous host notification and delivery confirmation methods.

RightFax Connector For SAP R/3

The RightFax Connector for SAP R/3 enables SAP environments to send receive documents directly from SAP Office and other SAP applications via SAP Connect. This enables organizations to reduce document delivery costs, streamline processes and enhance business efficiency. Users can automate delivery of documents generated in SAP applications; use SAP fax features for cover pages, broadcast fax and advanced fax controls and speed deployment and ensure reliability with seamless integration between SAP R/3 and RightFax.


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