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RightFax Healthcare Direct

RightFax Healthcare Direct is an add-on module for RightFax that enables healthcare organizations to both send and receive Direct messages through the use of their existing RightFax integrations.
By: Advantage Technologies

RightFax Healthcare Direct is an add-on module for RightFax that allows healthcare organizations to send and receive Direct messages using their existing RightFax integrations. This new solution helps healthcare organizations accelerate interoperability by enabling Direct messaging (a method of transmitting patient information in a secure, encrypted, electronic way over SMTP) using existing RightFax-EMR integrations.

RightFax Healthcare Direct Features

  • Built-in interoperability with Direct
  • Meet requirements without changing your infrastructure
  • Leverage existing integrations to maximize Return on investment (ROI)
  • Little or no human intervention to ingest inbound Direct messages
  • Combines fax and Direct messaging into a single communication channel
  • Promote adoption of Direct by providers in your network

Direct Messaging

  • Share encrypted health information
  • Only to authenticated recipients
  • Send and receive structured content
  • Attain Meaningful Use – Stage 2 (MU2)
  • Prepare for Meaningful Use – Stage 3 (MU3)

Sending Information via RightFax Healthcare Direct

When sending information via RightFax Healthcare Direct, the RightFax Healthcare Direct module will attempt to lookup the recipient’s Direct address based on their fax number. If a Direct address is found, RightFax will attempt to send the information as a Direct message. If the recipients Direct address cannot be found, or if there is a failure in sending the Direct message, RightFax will send the information as a fax.


Receiving Direct Messages

Received Direct messages are ingested directly into the EMR system, with little to no human intervention. The message is passed through Optic Character Recognition (OCR) and the Patient Identification information is extracted and matched to HL7 data. A structured output document is created and ingested by the EMR system and attached to the patient record.

Promote Adoption of Direct

RightFax Healthcare Direct includes tools to help you promote Direct messaging among your group of partners. If a partner does not have their Direct address associated with their fax number, you can automatically send a notice to them, asking that they register their information, so that you can share information via Direct messages. The more partners within your network that have the ability to send and receive Direct messages, the closer you will be to meeting Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) standards and preparing your organization for Meaningful Use 3 (MU3).

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