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RightFax Integration for SMTP-Capable MFPs

Integrate your MFP with RightFax to save money and boost employee efficiency by creating a personalized fax experience at every device
By: Advantage Technologies

The RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs allows you to scan paper documents on any SMTP-capable Multifunction Printer (MFP) for delivery via RightFax. The connector effectively adds RightFax send capability to the MFP without the need to purchase expensive embedded MFP fax kits.

Users scan their documents using their MFP’s scan-to-email capability, and enter an email address such as 5551212@fax. The email is relayed to the RightFax server, which faxes the document and then prints a fax status notification on the MFP. In addition to fax, RightFax can send the document securely via the Internet with optional certified and encrypted delivery.

If your company requires you to log in to the MFP, the connector can automatically send the fax from your RightFax account. If you do not need to log in to the MFP, you can still send the fax from your account by including your RightFax user name in the email address. In addition, you can even add the recipient’s company and name in the email address for more complete fax addressing.

Supported Models

Any MFP that can scan a paper document and send it as an email to RightFax. For printed confirmations, the MFP must support Port 9100 printing and PCL.


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