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RightFax PDF Module

Automatically Detect and Convert PDF and Postscript Files to Fax

Outbound workflows with the PDF Module

Add-On Module

Expand RightFax Capability to Handle Adobe PDF and PostScript Documents

  • Enables users to fax PDF and PostScript files in their native format
  • Converts PDF files to a multipage TIFF file for transmission
  • Print-to-fax using PostScript drivers for higher image quality

The RightFax PDF Module installs an additional fax conversion engine to a RightFax server that automatically detects and converts PDF and PostScript files to fax format (TIFF). The PDF Module adds PDF files to the list of native document types that can be directly converted to fax format (TIFF) by the RightFax server; as well as, allowing the creation and use of PostScript print-to-fax drivers on any client machine. Thus, PDF and PostScript files sent in their native format to the fax server either as an attachment or through a system integration will be successfully converted to TIFF for transmission. 

Automation Detection

PDF files sent in their native format are automatically converted to the correct fax format (TIFF) for outbound transmission.

Embedded Codes

System-generated PDF documents can include embedded codes, facilitating simple integration with legacy systems.

PDF / PostScript Conversion

Allows conversion of PDF and both level 1 and 2 PostScript fonts to fax format (TIFF) for fax transmission via your RightFax server and converts existing PDFs to TIFF for inclusion in your fax document list.

Supported OS

Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and other operating systems can print-to-fax using PostScript print drivers for higher quality fax documents.


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