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RightFax PDF Module

Expand RightFax Capability to Handle Adobe PostScript and PDF Documents
April 22, 2019
By: Advantage Technologies

Portable Document Format (PDF) and PostScript have become universal corporate and government standards for document formats. The RightFax PDF module is an optional component of the RightFax server that enables conversion of level 1 and level 2 PostScript and PDF documents to Tagged Image File (TIF) format for fax transmission via your RightFax server. With this module, RightFax users can print PostScript and PDF documents directly to the RightFax print queue as well as receive them as file attachments when using the RightFax email modules.

How does the PDF Module work?

The RightFax PDF Module installs an additional fax conversion engine to a RightFax server that automatically detects and converts PostScript files to fax format. This allows for creation and use of PostScript print-to-fax drivers on any client machine. In addition, it adds PDF files to the list of native document types that can be directly converted to fax format by RightFax. This means that PDF files sent in their native format directly to the fax server (either as file attachments or using the Windows ‘Send To’ function) will be successfully converted to fax format for transmission.


Features and Capabilities:

  • Automatic detection of PostScript and PDF file formats for conversion to fax format
  • Convert your existing PDF documents to fax format for inclusion in your fax library document list
  • Support for any Type 1 and Type 2 PostScript fonts
  • Fax PDF documents via embedded codes, using the windows “Send To” menu, and as file attachments to fax-bound email messages
  • Create PostScript print-to-fax drivers (as opposed to PCL-5 Drivers) on Macintosh, UNIX and other client machine types
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