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RightFax SecureDocs

SecureDocs certified delivery uploads your files to a secure web server in your own data center, and emails a link to the recipient.
By: Advantage Technologies
With the heightened concern for protecting information privacy, preventing fraud, and meeting tightened regulatory compliance guidelines, having secure and confirmed delivery options for sensitive information is vital to conducting business. SecureDocs brings together the best of fax and email to provide a centralized and secure fax and electronic document delivery solution that safeguards the transmission of your business documents from both the desktop and back-office applications.

Why Use RightFax SecureDocs?

While email and FTP sites are often considered the primary vehicles for transferring electronic information, they do not meet the security or regulatory requirements for the electronic exchange of sensitive documentation. Concerns with unsecured email and FTP sites include:
  • Standard email is not private and has no audit trail or delivery confirmation.
  • Email systems restrict oversized attachments
  • Users and organizations are reluctant to use FTP sites
  • Email does not integrate for automated high-volume document deliveries

Benefits and Features

As an add-on module for RightFax, SecureDocs leverages the ubiquity of email as well as the security and auditing features built in to RightFax.
  • Confirmed email delivery
  • Encrypted and secure documents
  • Files delivered in native format (i.e. Excel)
  • Time stamped delivery verification
  • Secure delivery of application generated documents
  • Easy administration and auditing
  • Support for high-resolution and color documents

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