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The XML Generator

The RightFax XML Generator is an add-on module for RightFax Servers that outputs fax image files with fax metadata in XML format. It is used to integrate RightFax with XML-based business applications.
By: Advantage Technologies
The RightFax XML Generator replaces the need to use the RightFax API and is more flexible than a simple network file drop, commonly used today. Using the RightFax XML Generator, RightFax administrators and integrators will recognize a variety of benefits and advantages.

How the XML Generator works

The RightFax XML Generator is an add-on module for the RightFax Server that outputs sent or received faxes into image files accompanied by corresponding XML-formatted fax metadata. The XML-based output files can be imported into any ECM, ERP, workflow or similar applications. The RightFax XML Generator uses a Captaris technology known as External Document Connector (EDC).

It is a file processing engine designed for managing document flow to and from RightFax and other Captaris products. This foundation-level technology provides the XML Generator a core set of management and administration tools known as EDC Manager and EDC Monitor.


The RightFax XML Generator is installed on a RightFax Server. Once activated, a preconfigured XML Generator “DataFlow” is presented. A DataFlow is a combination of unique “FlowPoints” which conduct actions on a fax document as it is processed by the XML Generator.

The default DataFlow will quickly enable the export of faxes and their XML metadata to a specified network folder. The RightFax XML Generator works in conjunction with the user settings of the RightFax Server. Rules can be set to export either all sent, all received, or both sent and received faxes on a per-user or system-wide basis.

Fax Metadata

Fax metadata is information about the fax. The XML Generator includes “document data macros” that can be applied in a template to capture various fax metadata. A list of the metadata follows:

  • {BillingInfo1}
  • {BillingInfo2}
  • {CallerID}
  • {Caller Station ID}
  • {Date}
  • {DateTime}
  • {FaxAttributes}
  • {Fax Channel}
  • {Fax Server}
  • {FromCompanyFaxNumber}
  • {FromCompanyVoiceNumber}
  • {FromFaxNumber}
  • {FromName}
  • {Job ID}
  • {JobType}
  • {NumberOfImages}
  • {PageNum}
  • {Receive Time}
  • {Receive Time String}{RemoteCSID}
  • {SendDuration}
  • {Time}
  • {ToCityState}
  • {ToCompany}
  • {ToFaxNumber}
  • {ToName}
  • {ToVoiceNumber}
  • {Transmission Status}{Transmission Type}
  • {UniqueID}
  • {UserID}


Real-time export of fax image files with XML metadata

  • Fax image files combined with XML metadata are exported from a RightFax Server and can be easily consumed by any third-party application
  • Support TIF, PDF and DCX file formats
  • Save XML data and fax image files in a single folder or in multiple folders
  • Export faxes from RightFax on a per user, per server or system-wide basis


  • Use common administration tools to install, activate, configure and manage the XML generator
  • Monitor and manage connectors and processors, add and delete processor services and configure components using centralized monitoring and management interface
  • Support compliance, security and business continuity efforts by taking an unalterable snapshot of the fax image file of each fax job before it is processed

XML templates and fax metadata macros

Streamline integration using sample XML templates that contain a combination of formatted XML and fax data macros
Configure sample templates to easily integrate with business applications and different environments
Use data macros in the XML templates which correspond to the fax metadata stored in the RightFax document

Advanced settings

  • Change one or more document configuration settings using advanced configuration tools
  • Edit XML template files to accommodate data format requirements of any third-party application
  • Create custom file naming schemes for either the image files or XML files

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