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How to Create a .DOCX Cover Sheet

By: Advantage Technologies

How to Create a .DOCX Cover Sheet

Video Duration: 02:59

Text Transcript

Welcome to the RightFax Resource Center. Today I will be showing you how to create a Microsoft Word cover sheet. This can be useful for organizations that need to create custom cover sheets or update the cover sheet content in the future.

To begin, let’s open Microsoft Word and start with a blank document.

Determine the information you would like to display on your coversheet. For example, you may want to include:

  • To Fax Number
  • To Fax Name
  • From
  • Notes

Next, we need to map the information above to the relevant cover sheet codes. When the RightFax server generates the cover sheet for an outgoing fax, it will replace the cover sheet codes in the template with the data they represent.

To insert a cover sheet code, go to Menu and Select

  • Insert
  • Quick Parts
  • Field
  • DocVariable

In the New Name section, add the name of the embedded code.

You can find the full list of embedded codes using the link below this video.


For example, To Fax Number would be ‘ToFaxNum’

To verify the inserted code, right click on the text and select “Toggle Field Code”

Repeat the steps with the remaining codes.

Finally, go to File > Save As > Browse > and save the file with a .docx extension.

You have now created a Microsoft Word cover sheet.


Next, I’d like to show you how to get this coversheet into RightFax to be sent with outbound faxes. RightFax administrators will need to do this to make the cover sheet available to end users.

Let’s begin in Enterprise Fax Manager

Go to Cover Sheets > Right-click and select “New”


  • ID
    • Enter a unique name for the cover sheet
  • Description
    • Enter a description for the cover sheet

Next, add the cover sheet template, select “Import” and select the appropriate cover sheet and hit “OK”.

The cover sheet template is now available in the cover sheet library.

To add this new cover sheet to an outbound fax let’s go to FaxUtil and send a new fax.

Enter the relevant fax information and go to “More Options”

Select “Cover Sheet File” and select the cover sheet from the drop down list.

As you can see, the cover sheet is now available for end users to choose when sending an outbound fax.

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