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How to Create Users in EFM

By: Advantage Technologies

How to Create Users in Enterprise Fax Manager

Video Duration: 02:23

Text Transcript

To create a new user, let’s begin in EFM.  

First, Click Users to see a list of all your users. Here, you can view the current registered users as well as their current status.  

  1. User icons that are blue indicate the users can send and receive faxes.  
  2. User icons that are red indicate the user is an administrator and can perform all administrative functions in RightFax.  
  3. Finally, user icons that are grayed out indicate that the user is disabled and cannot send or receive faxes.  

To create a new user, right-click on “Users” and select “new”  

On the identification tab, enter: 

  1. User ID 
  2. User Name 
  3. User Email Address 

If the users will be using their Windows login and password, check “Use Integrated Windows NT Security” If that user exists, it will automatically populate their information below. If it does not, click “Select NT Account” and either enter the user’s Active Directory username or click “List Domain Users”. Select the user from the list to link the AD account to that RightFax user. 

Select “OK” to complete the user creation.  

With the basic information entered, there are a few other items you may need to configure for your user. Here are some of the most common: 

  1. Permissions can be configured in the Permissions tabs. 
  2. Inbound routing is configured in the Routing tab. 
  3. Finally, Notification rules can be configured in the Notification tab. 

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